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 Growing up, my mother and father were both diagnosed with cancer. My mother was diagnosed at the age of 33, and my father when he was 48. It made for a tough childhood.


 My mother had trouble going out and feeling comfortable. She used wigs, but they were not secure enough. They were too hot, very itchy, and just not pleasant at all.


  She always had to worry about the wigs looking perfect all the time, which was stressful enough by itself.


 I remember my mother using a rag as a comfortable, casual, soft cover up for around the house. This made me think - how can other women experiencing chemo be a little more relaxed and stress free during this challenging time in their lives?


 Although my father was diagnosed years later, I remember my aunt made him a hat cut from one of the sleeves of his t-shirt.  We all laughed, including my dad, but I remember thinking that there has to be a something less humiliating than that.


  Casey’s Chemo Caps are meant to be used in different ways to bring you all those great feelings that my parents were unable to experience. To be able to walk about the house, go grocery shopping, and go out with friends which is a big part of the healing and feeling better process. Now you can do this without feeling so uncomfortable but feeling secure, fashionable, and pretty at the same time.


 Casey’s Chemo Caps is a family owned and family run business. My aunt Maryann and I created our website to help get the word out to those having the same struggles in life and who need a fashionable and comfortable chemo head wear alternative.


 I want to welcome you to Casey's Chemo Caps - we are sorry that you need us but pleased to have you share your journey with us.