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Working together with chemo patients for so many years we have heard requests again and again for chemotherapy head wear that doesn't scream  "look at me, I have cancer"!


None of us want to feel out of place or stand out in public. If you are experiencing hair loss due to chemotherapy and/or radiation, thyroid conditions, alopecia, trichotillomania, or brain surgery (just to name a handful) - the last thing you feel like doing right now is going out of the house at all for any reason.  However, treatments are necessary and if for no other reason you have to keep those appointments in order to get better.


  But don't worry - "we've got you covered" - and not only with traditional Chemo Caps and Fashion Scarves.  We constantly strive to create and to find innovative and fashionable alternatives to typical hair loss cover-ups as well.


   Casey's Chemo Caps is fast becoming the go-to source for the head wear designs you need - and not only for when you need to feel more comfortable and secure while traveling to and from treatment.


  In the coming months we will introduce more and more head coverings that range from time proven caps for lounging or sleeping and classic styles for evening to our signature concepts that bridge day and evening wear design to allow you to dress a look up or down in moments.


   And when you need help with your order call Maryann at 818 365 9479.  Our clients speak directly with our principal designer which ranks Casey's Chemo Caps on top when it comes to customer service.


   Ok, enough about us!  Visit our blog  - It's all about you!


     Maryann Carhart   mac@caseyschemocaps.com